Luminous Solar UPS

Luminous Solar Division

Choosing the right Solar Inverter for your unique need is a must. With Luminous’ wide portfolio of Solar Inverters and UPS you can do just that! Use this section to find the perfect fit in Solar inverters and UPS for your home.

NXG Inverter


NXG Range is our hybrid UPS range and can charge from Grid and Solar. NXG Inverter uses Solar on Priority, and in absence of Solar it will charge batteries from Grid


With more than 99.9% efficiency, the NXT PCUs are hybrid products with inbuilt MPPT charge controller, specially designed for solar applications.

NXi Inverter

NXi Grid Tie

NXi inverters convert DC power generated from Solar panels into AC power which can be used for running loads and excess can be exported to the grid, maximizing your savings.

Cruze Solar

Looking for economical solar solutions? The Luminous Cruze Solar inverter run heavy loads with extreme ease and efficiency!

Cruze Solar

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